Monday, September 18, 2017

instagram style lately!

Fall is in the air people! And by in the air, at this exact moment I mean, in my head. After having a cool end to August and a cool start to September we are in a full on heat wave with near 90 degree temperatures.  And to be honest, it couldn't come at a worst time.  I LOVE fall and I LOVE summer...  when it's actually time for fall and summer and not the other way around. You know?  I feel the pain of all you gals in the southern states just begging for cool temperatures. I about melted into the metal bleachers at a football game this weekend and a trip to the apple orchard this weekend as a family left us all sweaty and grumpy.  Can we get fall back? Like now!?!?

Until then, we can use this Instagram inspiration from when it actually WAS feeling like fall a few weeks back and then be as patient as possible to start layering and sipping warm drinks again.  Patience is a virtue friends and I have to remind myself of that continually.  Until I master it... here are some of my favorite Instagrams as of late.

For a trip up to Northern Michigan recently we spent the warm days at the beach and cool nights bundled up in layers.  This beach towel is a favorite of mine... other travel necessities include my 'boat and tote' bag, this cozy jacket (or less expensive option)and a pretty purse.

If you've been following along on my Instagram, most of my outfits are centered around sports and traveling to sports.  This outfit proved the perfect travel outfit when we drove to Indy recently (which, BTW - love that city!).  Cozy loafers, classic skinny jeans, a striped top, and most importantly my car-ride necessities: a cashmere wrap (this one is on sale!) and this tote.

Dressing for soccer games is one of my biggest challenges... it's warm one minute, cool the next... and I need to be comfortable and (hopefully) a little stylish too.  Easy white skinny jeans, a v neck tee and Birkentstocks are the perfect outfit in my opinion (now soccer in the rain is a different story!).  And this little jacket (or less expensive option) is a new favorite and quite warm!

It's crazy to think that just a week ago I was sporting all these layers for a football game after the sweat shesh we just had this past weekend.  But this vest & sweater combo were perfectly cozy for a fall morning on the bleachers.  I love the loop detail on this sweater (find it here or here).  Paired with distressed jeans (similar) and ankle booties was the perfect fall look in my book!

I'm having a pretty serious sneaker moment lately... and really, when they are this stylish - why not!?!?  This pair is black calf hair, I mean... yes please! (also shown, jeans and rug)

I will never turn away a fresh striped top (or find more sizes here)... I love the button detail on this one.  Paired with a scarf for chilly mornings and my mom uniform of skinny jeans/flats/tote - this is the perfect running errands/busy mom look.

Again with the sneakers (color: gun metal)... I desperately needed a new pair this fall and LOVE these!  Paired with a sweatshirt and easy jeans... this is my favorite type of outfit, no doubt. (sunglasses here)


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