Monday, June 26, 2017

my everyday style: the good 'ole U S of A!

What is more fun than dressing in head to toe red, white and blue this time of year!?!? (besides dressing your kids in head to toe red, white and blue?) NOTHING.  I adore it.  And let's be honest... when you are dressing with a certain color scheme it's pretty easy to walk into your closet, grab a few things and call it good.  It also doesn't hurt that no matter how you mix and match red, white and blue you really can't go wrong.

Right off the bat I have to tell you that I am SO SAD that this top is sold out, because it's honestly the best.  And for the life of me I could only find blue stripes or red stripes.  Not both (cue the dramatic tears).  BUT the good news is that this adorable USA sweatshirt is still available... it's actually a MENS!  I ordered an XS, but I definitely could have gone with a SMALL for a roomier fit.  You can bet I will be wearing this for the fireworks this year!  And speaking of winners, this denim skirt is the perfect go-to for summer when you don't feel like sporting shorts. It's a nice reasonable length and I love the mild distressing.

Well enjoy the next couple of weeks friends... they are the height of summer and I know I for sure love all the patriotic festivities that are about to kick off!

Outfit Details:
Striped Top (blue or red)

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