Wednesday, March 22, 2017

my everyday style: spring tassels!

What is it with spring and summer? We just want to put a tassel on everything? Or is it just me? Haha! I love a good tassel so when I saw this cardigan (buy here or here) with darling little lace-up and tassel details I was pretty quick to press "add to cart"!

Plus, with this 'it's spring, wait it's not spring, wait it is' weather a cardigan like this is perfect for pulling over long or short sleeve tops for just a little bit of extra warmth while spring figures itself out.  And I told you I was wearing these sneakers a ton... I really am! I always find Vans run a bit big, so I went down a half size.  It's funny because I have been trying to get my kids into Vans for years. I used to buy Vans for them when they were little... but as they got older they said they didn't like them anymore. But I've been wearing these so much both my kids want a pair now.  Hey, I guess I just need to lead my example. But really, they are the best shoes for spring and summer for guys, gals and especially kids!

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Cardigan (here or here)

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Ksenia Beurre said...

Some really amazing click!
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