Tuesday, March 7, 2017

instagram vacation style!

I love rounding up recent Instagram posts here on the blog... and they are always one of YOUR favorite posts as well. I thought it would be fun to round up some of the Instas I took on our recent trip to Puerto Rico.  I felt like I was taking enough photos on the trip, but when I got home I felt like I took no photos at all... do you ever have that!? I don't want to be living an entire trip through my camera, but at the same time I just love to look through photos from vacations when I get home.  It's a hard balance to find.  Does any one have tips for that? I would love to hear them!

Any way... here are some of my favorite Instas from our time in the warmth and sun!

The DOORS of Old Town San Juan were amazing...  I couldn't stop taking pictures of all of them. I instantly fell in love with these huge green doors with the perfect patina. Seriously, how gorgeous are these? 

We spent a day sunning and swimming at one of the most gorgeous beaches I've ever been too. Look at that crystal water! This off the shoulder swimsuit was PERFECT for a day at the beach.  It stood up to body surfing in the waves (errrrr, getting thrown around by waves) and when it was time to take a break and sun on my beach chair I slipped the sleeves off and it was instantly a strapless suit - so easy! (or other off the shoulder swimsuits!)

This was the view from the patio to our room - all the heart eyes! First thing in the morning the sky was a rainbow of color - this photos was #nofilter if you can even believe it!  

The perfect outfit for exploring the resort, these shorts are a total winner! I was looking for a pair that weren't too short (especially in the back!) and a casual t-shirt and easy espadrilles gave this outfit a definite island feel.

Every morning I would just stand on our patio and stare out at the waves.  I definitely got spoiled, what better way to wake up? You can find a similar robe here.

The colors in Old San Juan were just breathtaking! This is the little alley we went down to snap some outfit shots while exploring!  Again, this photo is #nofilter... the light and the color were so amazing all over the island. 

Our resort was peppered with hammocks to curl up in and relax.  Who doesn't love a good hammock swing now and then? These sandals were my FAVORITE on the trip, they are super comfortable (they have a little elastic on the inside of the strap for a perfect fit) and this side tie swim cover up (also available in black!) was perfect for throwing on for pool time.

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