Monday, January 30, 2017

my everyday style: valentines style for the family!

Today I've got my sweet kiddos with me to chat up some fun Valentine's Day style for the whole family.  More and more my kids are asking to be on the blog... and while it's nerve wracking as a mom to put your sweet kiddos out there like that, we are going to try to find a good balance of them having fun with it and me feeling comfortable with it.

My kids are at the 'tween' stage which is one of the most rewarding stages of parenthood - they are so grown up and independent, it's fun to have real conversations with them, they make me laugh all the time and every day I'm so proud of the people they are becoming (and already are!).  But the 'tween' stage has also proven to be the most challenging as well. I remember when 'older' mothers would ohhhhh and ahhhh over my babies and toddlers and then sweetly say "they are so easy when they are that little." My sleep deprived, never sit down, never stop cleaning food or spit up off myself and every inch of my house self would smile and then turn and roll my eyes.  But some days I would take 10 toddlers over one attitude-y, snotty tween.  But that is the life of a mother, there is always a ying and yang.

Agreeing on clothes is another challenge in our house... the kids have clear ideas about what they want to wear and I have a vague expectation on what is reasonable or appropriate.  Plus, I'm footing the bill, so there is that. So far we aren't dealing with short skirts and too much makeup types of problems, but there is still a push and a pull.  My kids want comfort and style with a healthy dose of "what everyone else is wearing." We battle constantly on the athletic clothes - that's ALL kids are wearing these days and it kind of drives me nuts - but again, we work towards balance the best we can. The kids get a few days of athletic clothes and I get a few days of "real" clothes. And when we leave the house as a family for errands or dinner out they know that is a "no athletic clothes" time.

For Valentine's there is no question that the kids want to wear red to school for their school parties... that is one thing we can all agree on!

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