Monday, November 21, 2016

holiday 2016 gift guides: the best kids gifts!

As a mom, shopping for kids for Christmas makes me very, very happy.  I always love picking out the gift that I hope will surprise and delight them. Which to be honest, gets harder and harder each year as they get older.  BUT, I will not be deterred. We don't do a lot of toys for gifts in our house, mostly because the kids are almost grown out of toys, but also because they tend to get the "toy-ish" gifts from grandparents, etc.  I try to focus on gifts that are fun and whimsical, a few gifts that are practical and then throw in a few surprises too.

Many of the gifts I am featuring here today are either already favorites of my kids so I know they are tried and true or they are gifts that (shhhhhh!!!!) will actually be under our tree this year for my littles (well, no so little anymore!).  Books always have a permanent place on my Christmas list each year, my 4th grader LOVED the spiderwick chronicles .. she is almost halfway through them.  They aren't too long and are perfect for boys and girls and even reluctant readers (knowing from experience).  They are also fun read aloud books if you are so inclined.

hat or two is always under our Christmas tree to keep warm and for fun.  I always love a silly gift that sparks imagination... have you seen these mice in a box?  Those will be lots of fun to unwrap and play with! Fun activities for Christmas break are always great gifts as well!  Snow tubes, fake snowballslego sets and craft supplies always pass the Christmas break quickly.  Clothes are a given too... but I try to make them fun like a crazy gold coat, bold camo pants or a classic plaid shirt. My kids always want, and usually need, a new pair of shoes - slip ons in sparkle or chambray are easy and affordable choices. And of course my kids can never wait to open their Hanna Andersson pjs... they are a classic favorite and my kids ADORE them.  They are so, so soft and free from chemicals, which is unfortunately hard to find in kids pjs.  It's always funny that this time of year their pjs from last Christmas are getting so small on them!

Whew! That is quite the round up, huh? Now to wrap it all! What will you be giving your kids this year? I would love to know what gift giving traditions you have with your kids.  Do tell!

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