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free for all friday: 6 summer reads to check out!

So if you follow me on Instagram and have checked out the new "stories" feature... which is basically snapchat withIN Instagram (which I love, because the real snapchat is so un-intuitive and terrible for my phone battery and annoying in 10,000 ways) you would have heard me tease that I am going to try out a new more personal post series on Fridays.  I don't know if "personal" is exactly the name for it... but it will veer way off topic from the usual fashion and style posts that you see here on the regular.  Things I will be covering are those things that are going on in my life like what books I am reading, what reno projects we are doing at the new house, home tours of the house we are moving out of in a few weeks, and other random stuff.  If you have ideas for what you want to see... email me! Or leave a comment! I am really trying to have some fun, break the mold and just make this new series super fresh and different and see how it goes.  You in?


You gals know I LOVE to read... so today I am rounding up 6 of my favorite summer reads that I've enjoyed recently.  A lot of you always ask how I find time to read.  That is a good question!  One way is that I usually ALWAYS have a book with me.  I leave it on the front seat of my car or in my bag so when I have a few minutes before I pick up my kids from sports or I get to an appointment early I can squeeze in a few minutes.  Usually in the summer I have lots of reading time at the pool or park, but this summer is so crazy with moving I haven't had that time.  When my kids were younger I would sit in the driveway while they played or take them to the park and then they would play and I would read.  You've got to put down your phone to make it work (hard for me too!) but it's so worth it.  Who cares about the drama on FB when you have a good book to read?  The last is that I read before bed each night. I have a terrible time turning my mind off at night. And reading helps bridge the gap from the busy day to a restful night. If I don't read before bed chances are I won't sleep well.  It's weird, but it works for me. Some nights it takes 5 minutes to turn off my brain and some nights I can read for over an hour before sleep comes.  To me, reading is therapeutic.  As a busy mom and boss lady it's one thing I have just for me.

Here are 6 books I've read lately that would make great summer reads.... because there is still plenty of summer to enjoy ladies!  What are some good books you have read lately?

Eight Hundred Grapes... this is a super quick read about a family, a winery and love in all it's forms.  I loved that it wasn't super long and the story is classic yet fresh.  Plus, who doesn't love a great story with a winery in California as it's backdrop?  Grab this one and a glass of wine and enjoy!

The After Party... this is a glittering summer read perfect for the beach.  With mystery, love and redemption as it's key themes I also found this book a little sad, but in the end a satisfying read.  It follows the lives of socialites in Texas in the 50s. So there is lots of glitz and glamour too!

Tyringham Park... if you love Downton Abbey or historical fiction in general, this is a great read!  It follows the childhood and adulthood of a young girl born into extreme wealth in Ireland.  With vivid accounts of her home, childhood and adulthood - some spent in Australia - this book was a real page turner.  There are a few twists and turns you won't see coming either - which I always love in a book!

Rebecca... if you have been wanting to add a classic to your 'to be read' list and love a little mystery, intrigue and borderline thriller than this book is for you! I couldn't put this book down and loved every juicy page!  The basic premise is a woman becomes the second wife of a wealthy estate owner always living in the shadow of his first wife, named Rebecca.  Seriously, read this if you haven't! It would also make a great bookclub selection.

Flight of Dreams... the book is the fictional chronicle of the real life events of the Hindenburg explosion.  If you missed this lesson in history class you're not alone, the whole time I read this I thought... how is this the first time I am hearing of this!?!? It's a fascinating piece of history wound together with great characters and a quick story line.  This is a fun historical read by the pool for sure. 

A Paris Apartment... this book is basically my dream story line... woman works for auction house specializing in antiques, woman gets bad news, an apartment in Paris that has been closed for nearly a century is discovered, the apartment is full of antiques, woman goes to Paris to sort it and her life out.   Something about a closed up apartment in Paris being discovered is just plain my jam.  I loved this book start to finish. 

So what are you reading lately? I would love to hear!  

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