Monday, July 25, 2016

The Nordstrom Sale: Fitness picks!

The Nordstrom sale is still going strong, and while some pieces are going quick there are still tons of great pieces at even better prices to be had.

This time of the summer I usually reach my peak of indulging in food and beverages and it all catches up to me.  I've been terrible about working out this summer and with a good chunk of time until fall arrives I've decided that the reckless indulging has got to at least be met with some serious time working out.  Am I alone!?!? I'm not quite ready for the reality of fall and I want to make sure that when it arrives I at least still fit in my favorite jeans, you know!?!?

The Nordstrom Sale has some AMAZING fitness apparel on sale right now and I am loving the gym-spiration these great pieces are giving me.  Because we all know that new gym clothes making going to actually work out waaaaaay better!  How perfect are these pieces for showing summer who's boss?

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