Thursday, May 5, 2016

my everyday style: summer skin!

What's better than summer? The answer is quite frankly: nothing. Sand, sunshine, waves, vacations, cold lemonade, reading by the pool, fireworks... this list goes on and on.  Summer is hands down my favorite season.  I should put an extra emphasis on the SUNSHINE part. I am a total sun seeker.  I have been since I can remember.  Living in the northern part of the country makes me literally CRAVE the warmth and vitamin D that the sunshine offers.

When I was younger I would lay by the pool or frolic by the lake for hours on end without sun protection (gah! to think!) but now that I am older those days are over.  I need dependable and quality sun protection that still lets me lay by the pool or at the beach for hours on end - but SAFELY.  I'm not getting any younger and not only can the sun be dangerous, but I'd like my skin to look as youthful as possible for as long as possible.  You know?!

I'm super picky about sunscreen so when I discovered COOLA products a few years ago I was hooked.  I've tried just about EVERY possible sunscreen brand and this stuff delivers on protection AND feels great on my skin, which I have found is a hard balance to strike.  The Classic Face make-up setting face spray is my ultimate favorite (I mean who wants to smear sunscreen on their face if they already have makeup on!?) and the Pina Colada sport spray is perfect for the rest of your body and smells like vacation in a bottle.  I recently snagged the COOLA Signature Travel Set for my trip to Florida and I love that it was so easy to pack and is TSA approved for carry-on luggage. Although who am I kidding, I can never manage to pack only carry-on luggage.

Nordstrom is your go-to for summer beauty must-haves like bronzers, self-tanners and of course all your favorite suns care needs.  They carry COOLA and some other really amazing sun care lines for whatever your taste or budget is when it comes to sunscreen and summer beauty needs. I've heard great things about Supergoop! and I know other's who live and die by Kiehl's.  Whatever your suncare needs... Nordstrom has something just for you!

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