Wednesday, May 4, 2016

9 pieces/9 outfits for spring

The 9 pieces/9 outfits series continues to be one of the most popular here on the blog!  It's always a really great resource for so many gals (myself included!) on how to make our wardrobes and our investments in those wardrobes really work for us on a season basis.

The premise of this series is simple.  I pull together 9 seasonally appropriate pieces and then mix and match them into 9 outfits!  I strongly believe that each piece we invest in for our wardrobe should be easy to wear and should mix and match within our wardrobe to make pulling together outfits simple and fun.

This spring I chose the wardrobe pieces from my Spring & Summer Wardrobe Essentials post that I recently wrote. If you were thinking of investing in any of those pieces, now is the time because today I am giving tips on how to style them as well! It's a win-win!  I hope you enjoy this post, I know I am already planning on recreating some of these looks this spring and summer!

the 9 pieces: 


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