Monday, April 18, 2016

a month's worth of spring outfits!

Today I am closing up the recent "5 ways to wear..." series with a compilation of the entire series into one super smart and handy post.

If you take 5 awesome wardrobe staples and make 5 outfits out of each of them... what does that equal? Exactly 25 outfits!  So if an average month has 30 days and you take into account a few Sundays in pjs (the best!), a few days where (oops!) you didn't change out of your workout clothes and maybe a day or two where you repeat an outfit (it's TOTALLY allowed!).  Voila! According to my calculations these easy outfits will last you one full month. Getting dressed just got super easy!

Now let's talk logistics here... There are a few ways you could organize this.  The first being assigning one of the wardrobe basics to one day of the week.  So for instance having Friday's be the day to wear white jeans... then each Friday like clock work you bring out the white jeans and choose a ensemble to go with them.  Monday's could be for the black ponte leggings, Tuesday's the grey t-shirt, etc.  Or you could just pick and choose depending on what your day requires or your mood.  It's completely up to you!  So easy, right!?!?

I will definitely be using this as a guide myself over the coming days and weeks as I plan outfits and get dressed each morning.  I hope you find inspiration here as well!  And if you are craving some new  "5 ways to wear..." posts, don't worry the series is over forever - watch for it's return again soon!

Shop all the looks here:

classic look: trench coatgrey t-shirtwedge espadrillesleopard clutch

classic look: white blazerflatspink tote

sporty look: sweatshirtsneakers
preppy look: tunic topdriving mocs
classic look: blazerstriped topleopard pumps
casual look: flowy topdriving mocs

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