Thursday, April 14, 2016

spring/summer wardrobe essentials 2016

Spring is finally, finally here and my wardrobe is SOOOOOO ready for a little refresh.  How about yours?  

Each season I round up the wardrobe essentials that your closet (and mine!) absolutely need this season.  I combined spring and summer together because for me the two really blur together into one season as far as my clothes go.  Once the shorts, dresses and sandals come out in spring, they don't get put away until fall.  

This warm weather season I am sticking to the basics like denim shorts, striped dresses, white jeans and striped tops.  But I am also loving fun boho pieces that are super trendy right now and easy to wear as well, like flare jeans, peplum, and off the shoulder tops.  Today I rounded up my favorite styles for spring and I think I found the perfect balance between fun and trendy pieces and classic staples to keep you looking and feeling your best until fall.  

I love the idea of mixing and matching the classic pieces with the trendy pieces for this spring and summer.  For instance, how cute would the off-the-shoulder top look with white jeans? Or a classic striped top with flare jeans?  The best thing about spring and summer clothes is that shorts, dresses and tanks tend to be less of an investment than sweaters and boots for fall and winter, so you can really have some fun with trying new trends or investing in the classic pieces that will last. 

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