Monday, February 1, 2016


Happy February!  Who else is absolutely thrilled to be just THIS much closer to spring?!?!

Valentine's Day is on the horizon and I have to be honest, while the holiday sometimes gets a bad rap - it's one of my favorites.  For a lot of reasons.  After a long and cold January a little love fest put smack dab in the middle of February is always a welcome respite.  I love spoiling my kiddos and husband and let's be honest... the candy situation is ideal for this sweet-tooth gal.

I like to make sure there is plenty of candy, cupcakes and other treats in the house and then have a fun family dinner planned.  This year I think we may do fondue and board games - doesn't that sound like the perfect winter evening?  Whether you are hanging out with a special someone, with your gal pals, or your kids - it's always fun to make the night special in big or small ways.

These are some fun Valentine's Day finds that I found that I love and that I think you will too...

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