Monday, January 18, 2016

the damage, 2016 v. 1

I hear you, I hear you... so many of you are sorely missing the old The Damage posts.  If you are new around here The Damage posts were a monthly series where I outlined my monthly shopping budget by featuring what my monthly wardrobe purchases were. About a year ago I jumped ship on The Damage posts - for a lot of reasons - but mostly because I just didn't know if they fit where I was ultimately going with the blog.  And because, I'll be totally honest, I wasn't keeping really great track of my budget and the whole thing got to be a huge drag to pull together each month.  Also, I don't love talking about money here on the blog. It just all felt a little weird to me.  It still does a little.

BUT, you gals have asked for these posts to come back time and time again.  My theory is that there are two reasons you miss these posts... one being just pure curiosity.  Am I right!?!? There is a reason why "haul" posts are so popular.  The other reason being a lot of you like the outfits I put together and if a shirt doesn't show up on the blog until 3 months after purchasing, it's hard to get a similar look.  Those are my theories. I could be totally wrong.

I want to try to bring this post back in a way that serves you gals and works for me.  This is the current plan... I am posting these first to Instagram (so follow me there!).  Then I will round up a few of them and post them here.  I can't promise this will be a monthly feature or a regular series, but I will do my best.  How does that sound?

I either was stocking up on essentials or was shopping the after Christmas sales.

Coach Driving Mocs (similar) I loved the gold pair so much I snagged these at Nordstrom Rack too!
Lou & Grey Leather Leggings (sold out, similar or similar)
All of these are coming to the blog soon... so stay tuned!

FYI, I ordered size small for all of these... they fit just like the online photo.

Others to mention... 

This coat on major sale at Anthro! I ordered a Small, FYI.
These jeans from Trunk Club... have you ever tried a mail order personal styling service? I liked this one! It was fun to get a huge box of clothes to try on at home!

So that's it... those are my recent purchases.  Have you gotten any good deals or great finds lately?  Do tell!

Shop the pieces here...


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