Tuesday, October 13, 2015

how to style distressed denim… (10 picks under $100!!!)

Distressed denim has been a closet staple for quite a few years for me.  Seeing as I wear jeans nearly everyday, I like to add a little variety to the selection I wear and distressed denim does just that for me.  I love that it adds a little texture and a lot of "the devil may care" attitude to any look.  It's perfect for weekend looks and even better for Monday or Tuesday looks when you wish it was the weekend.

But let's be honest… distressed jeans are well, you know, distressed.  So no one wants to fork out big bucks for jeans with holes in them. I get that.  I will say that distressed denim LATELY seems to be much better quality than the pairs I used to buy 5+ years ago.  They seem more 'sturdy' now… if that makes sense. And even with rips, tears and holes they seem to hold up.  If you don't want to buy ripped jeans that can potentially rip further look for "ripped and repaired" in the product description.  A lot of times these will have stitching to reinforce the rips to insure they don't rip further.

Tips for styling distressed denim: 

1. Pair your distressed jeans with overly feminine pieces like a bold necklace, delicate & beautiful shoes or a beautiful blouse.
2. Wear neutrals like stripes, grey, black or white with your distressed jeans to avoid over complicating the look.  Avoid heavy patterns.
3. Add a structured piece or two like a blazer or structured handbag to elevate the look.

Here are 10 distressed jeans that I kind of sort of mostly LOVE… and they are all under $100.  Plus, I threw in a little distressed jeans eye candy to get the creative juices flowing for styling up for your awesome new pair of ripped jeans this fall!  What is your favorite way to style distressed denim!?!?

one, two, three, four, five (I own this pair and love them, the denim is so soft!), six, seven, eight, nine, ten

Or scroll through the pieces and shop them below...

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