Thursday, April 9, 2015

my everyday style: your new favorite jeans with Fitcode!!!

You gals know that I am a hard core jeans gal… I just love jeans. I love collecting them (wink, wink) and wearing them, and I especially love discovering new favorites!!  Enter Fitcode. These are two rocking awesome ladies running an amazing new start up that I love, and I think you will love too!

You simply log on to the site… and take the fit quiz.  I was blown away about how spot on this quiz was - these gals have seriously done their denim homework.  So many of the questions they asked I totally "got" - or they totally "got" me. Either way, first take the quiz, then the site will give you a whole slew of denim selections that are perfect for your Fitcode.  Then you simply order up the jeans you love.  Oh, and no guessing on sizing either. You know how sometimes you are one size and other times you are another size. Based on your quiz results they will suggest what size you would be in that specific fit.  They really take all the guess work out of denim shopping.

It's like a denim gals dream come true when shopping online for jeans!  After I answered the quiz questions I chose this High Waist Slim Illusion from 7 for All Mankind.  These babies fit like a dream right out of the box!  So go check out Fitcode - I know you will love it!

Jeans, 7 for All Mankind (℅ Fitcode)
Blouse, J.Crew Factory (similar or similar)
Coat, J.Crew Factory (similar or similar)
Flats, Sam Edelman
Necklace & Earrings, Gorjana via Rocksbox - use code "jillggxoxo" for one free month!

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