Wednesday, February 4, 2015

what to pack: head south!

A number of you have emailed me or left comments that you are heading south to some warmth and sun soon and want some packing tips!   Little by little the spring and resort collections have hit the retailers… and there are some really fun vacation picks to be had.

If you are headed south sometime soon… here are a few packing suggestions for a simple and stylish vacation south.  I always try to plan my wardrobe for vacation in one or two color groups… it helps to make sure everything mixes and matches easily so you can pack as little as possible while still having plenty to wear.  Here I chose whites (a white blouse & a white dress are super versatile), grey (a simple grey v-neck can go a long way), stripes (like this dress & shorts) with a few burgundy and pink accents.   And to those I added a comfortable and stylish pair of sneakers, a simple pair of flip flops and an awesome pair of leopard sandals (perfect for dinners out!) to pull the looks together and make sure you have a little of everything shoe-wise while away.

If you are heading south, you lucky little devil, enjoy yourself!

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