Friday, February 6, 2015

simple beauty!

A few people have recently asked about my makeup routine. Really I hardly wear much makeup at all and if you catch me working out or running errands - a lot of time I don't wear any, I'm lazy like that!  But I do try to get makeup on everyday - even if it's by 2pm… but not much of it. I'm not so much a beauty minimalist on purpose but because I know absolutely nothing about actually putting on makeup.  If I wear eyeliner it always seems to be crooked and I have no idea how to put on eyeshadow.  So I just work with what I know!

There are a few products I have been using forever (like this face wash and this bb cream), a few products I just can't live without (like this face oil and this amazing mascara) and then a few new products that I don't know how I lived without (like this blush!).

I try to choose non-toxic products when at all possible, I'm not perfect with it but I figure that every little bit counts.  If you are interested about non-toxic products check out Beautycounter or check what toxicity rating your current products have on EWG's SKin Deep website.  I have found that site very useful for trying to make better decisions about my skincare routine… I'm not interested in totally and radically overhauling my skincare routine, but just taking baby steps towards a healthier routine as best that I can.

So here is my super-easy-mostly-non-toxic beauty routine!

wash & ready…
origins 'checks and balances': long time favorite of mine!
rose water: I know I've mentioned it before but this stuff is amazing.
counter time eye cream: I absolutely love Beautycounter and this eye cream is perfect for aging or dry winter skin.
lustro face oil: again, I know I have mentioned this before, but this face oil is life changing. I wear this day and night.

dr. jart bb cream: I've worn this for a few years now, I love that it has spf included and feels absolutely weightless on my skin.
well-rested: I think the name says it all, I love this stuff and it's perfect for a mid-day or evening spruce up if need be.
bare minerals volumizing mascara: forget the last extensions, this stuff rocks!
beautycounter color sweep blush duo: ditch the blush that is full of toxins and heavy metals. This stuff is gorgeous on your skin and GOOD for your skin. I love this blush. 

scent obsession...
elizabeth and james 'nirvana': I just discovered these scents recently and I LOVE them… I bought the black version, but I can totally see myself snagging the white version for summer.

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