Friday, February 27, 2015

the damage: february 2015!

For the past few years I have paused at the end of each month to review my clothing purchases for the previous month. I call these posts the damage.  I have given myself the monthly budget of $300 and while for some this may seem like a lot or others it may not seem like much at all, I have found it is the perfect amount for me personally.  I share these purchases here on the blog to show you how I use my budget to create a well curated and classic closet while stretching the budget the best I can.

For 2015 I really want my purchases to be a good balance of investments and budget buys.  Let's admit it, the thrill of finding a good deal is always, well - just that… a thrill.  But if my closet is only full of
"thrills" I have a feeling I won't be happy in the end.  Investing in the big stuff is harder to do - I'll admit it, it's hard to see that big chunk of money come out of your bank account.  But those are often the most rewarding purchases in the long run.

This month I think I did okay on balancing the investments with the "fun" pieces.  There are still quite a few big ticket items on my wish list for spring, so my challenge for next month will be to balance those a little better.  Until then, let's take a look at what I bought this month.

Gap, Fluid Tee, $34.95 with discounts was $12.20 - on sale now!
J.Crew, Suckered Dot Peasant Top, $78 with discounts was $29.99 - on sale now!
J.Crew, Vivez le Reve Tee, $39.50 with discounts was $11.99 
Gap, Striped Bell Sleeve Tee, $34.95 with discounts was $17.79
Forever 21, Double Strap Sandals, $12.90
Piperlime, Sam Edelman Flats, $120 with discounts $90 
Sole Society, Pointed Pumps, $69.95
Piperlime, Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC, $195 with discounts $146.25
J.Crew, Shoulder Tie Maxi Dress, $118 with discounts, $53.99 - on sale now!
Gap, Striped Dress, $59.95 with discounts $21.36
Forever 21, Asymetrical Zip Sweater, $29.80

Total Spent: $496.22

Thoughts on the budget: One thing I have noticed about my budget over the years is that there are quite a few months that I go over (and end up feeling guilty) but in the end I always average out to the desired $300 over the year.  So it's not worth worrying over.  Last month I was under, this month over and the cycle continues.  Somehow I know subconsciously when I can spend and when I can't and do a pretty good job sticking to that inner compass.  For this month I will say that I got quite a bit of clothes for the $500 I spent.  I would call it a job well done, but I am going to try and reign it in for next month.  Stay tuned I suppose!

Thoughts on the pieces: I mostly focused on spring pieces. Even the winter sales of coats and sweaters couldn't really tempt me, I am so over winter!  Plus with some warm weather travel this past month and and next month it was fun to focus on spring clothes this month. Overall I think I did a good job of including a few wish list/investment pieces in with the fun and simple tops.

*one note about final prices from Gap purchases (a lot of you have asked about these low, low prices in the past): I use a Banana Republic card to shop at Gap/Piperlime/Banana Republic/Old Navy. I use this card for myself, my kids and my husband uses it for his clothes as well. We pay off the balance each month and benefit from the rewards the card offers.  That is how I get some really great prices on purchases from those stores - those are often not the sticker price.  But when you use rewards they take a little of the reward off each individual item.  SO that is how I get those super low prices.

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