Tuesday, February 24, 2015

my everyday style: throw on a vest!

Like clockwork every year, the end of February arrives and I want to ditch my whole winter wardrobe. Throw it to the curb, sell it all, just get it out of here - I am so sick of it!  Every morning I look into my closet and it seems like there is only two sweaters and one pair of jeans for me.  My style world seems small and repetitive.  After wearing and re-wearing the same stuff all winter I'm just plain sick of it.

It always seems like a monumental task to find yet one more variation on the jeans, sweater, boots combo each morning.  I will say that adding a vest can really help… they are quite warm (almost surprisingly warm!) and they can really change up a simple look to keep your wardrobe looking fresh.   Plus, the work really well under your winter coat… so the look is quite practical as well.

(photos by Tracy Carmody)

Jeans, Gap
Sweater, Banana Republic (similar)
Boots, Coach (similar on sale! or similar or similar less expensive)
Vest, Old Navy (similar or similar - love this one!)
Bag, Madewell

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