Wednesday, January 21, 2015

uniform dressing!

Today let's talk about uniform dressing.  Do you have a few standby outfit uniforms that you go to over and over again?

These are the hallmark of our personal style but they also make getting dressed really easy on the days when time or creativity is short.  These outfit uniforms below are some of my favorites… but you should try to come up with some of your own favorites as well.  Then keep them in mind when you are getting dressed to make your mornings a breeze!

sweatshirt + ripped jeans look: sweatshirt - on sale!, jeans, earrings, purse, sneakers

leggings + oversized sweater look: rings, bag, sweater, sneakers, leggings

sweater + scarf + ankle boots look: jeans, sweater, scarf, boots - on sale!, bracelet

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