Monday, January 19, 2015

new arrivals you'll love…

There are precious few things that get me through the seemingly unending cabin fever of January and February.  Planning my escape (aka future vacations!), bingeing on Netflix (just finished Gilmore Girls - loved! And already knee deep into Friday Night Lights - obsessed!) and lastly: stalking my favorite stores for new arrivals.   And since this isn't a travel or tv blog… we're going to cover some of my favorite new arrivals these days.

If you follow me on Instagram (and you should! user: jillgg) you know that I have taken a break from shopping for January (follow hashtag #shopyourcloset2015 and see all the looks I and other instagram-ers put together from not-new clothes).  Yep, I am strictly window shopping this month. Which is actually a.o.k. in my book. I have a little bit of warm weather travel coming up soon, so I am socking away some cash for some new pieces for those trips and I would also like to make a few investments this spring with my wardrobe so I am preparing for those as well.  If you are abstaining like me - then I have good news for you - the month is over half finished!

However, if you aren't abstaining then I fully expect you to do your part and take advantage of these gorgeous new styles and the onslaught of sales that go with them! (wink, wink!)  Quite a few of these are on my wish list for February!

j.crew: regent blazer in navy (swoon!), cable knit sweater (you know spring is almost here when cotton knits make a come back!), "winking" tee, neon tote

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