Friday, November 14, 2014

on my radar… November!

What is catching my eye? Tickling my fancy? Making me swoon? So glad you asked ;)

Here are just a few things this month that I'm loving…

I am totally hoarding holiday candles already… mmmm! I love them!  My house will smell like pine and Christmas until January for sure.

I also happen to be hoarding sweaters too… isn't this big chunky one gorgeous!?! And it's 25% off!

I can't get over bucket bags lately… isn't this moody olive green one so cool? This one is 25% off too!

Have you seen this horseshoe bracelet? Love.  It's so unique and fun!

These pj pants are the cats pajamas.  I have a few pair of these from last year and I will certainly be adding a few more to my cozy collection this year. They are so comfy and the price is right! Also an additional 25% off!

The bigger the scarf, the better.  Am I right? This one is large and in charge and super soft!

Love or hate Uggs - that's up to you. I live in Michigan so I happen to love them.  This pair is SO gorgeous! I tried them on and while they are a little spendy, I'm seriously craving them.

Oh, and one more thing… have you listened to Serial yet!?!? OMG. I am so hooked! I listened to 6 episodes in two days and now I have to wait all the way until next week to tune in again!

What fun pieces are on your radar this month?? I would love to know!

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