Monday, August 18, 2014

fall must haves 2014: grey-black jeans!

Fall is knocking on our doors and while it's sad to see the lazy days of summer go… fall clothes always seem to make up for it.  For the next few weeks I'll review what's on my "must-haves" list for fall and showcase my top picks for those trends and offer a few tips on how to style them as well.  

Today I am featuring grey/black jeans… and this is one trend that I am super excited about this fall. I am a tried and true blue jean lover, but this season I am excited to try out hues in greys and blacks and in between.  These styles seem to be popping up at a lot of retailers lately and I love the laid-back rocker chic vibe these jeans exude.   And while jeans are always "in" every fall - it's fun to have a new style to add to my wardrobe.

What are you thinking of the grey/black jeans trend… you in? 
above: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight

Grey jeans mix and match with the other neutrals in your closet to make sophisticated looks for everyday wear. I love the idea of pairing grey or black jeans with camel, leopard, burgundy and gold accents for fall.
(above: jeans, sweater, shoes, bag, rings)

 Stay tuned for more must-haves over the coming days! 

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mamab said...

I'm curious with all the great items you buy each month what you do with stuff from 6 months, a year ago etc? Constantly purging my closet here to try to get to my style truly - classic, casual and little pattern or color truthfully I just love so I enjoy what you have posted lately. Trends I'm trying to just enjoy but not buy because that is where I am most wasteful !


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