Friday, August 15, 2014

cheap thrills for fall with Forever 21!

Who doesn't love a rock bottom bargain from time to time? I always like to look in at Forever 21 a couple times a year to see what fun pieces they are offering for the season.  While I try to keep my wardrobe minimalist and high quality there is always room for a fun find at a really great price.

Checking out F21's site most recently I was pleasantly surprised to see some really classic pieces in great silhouettes for fall.  Any of these pieces I would be thrilled to add to my closet and all of them would be really versatile for fall.  Don't you think?

1. nude flats 2. dolman sweater (I can never have enough of these) 3. navy blazer (love the cut on this) 4. open front duster jacket (LOVE!) 5. baseball tee 6. striped scarf 7. chevron necklace (obsessed) 8. midi ring set (new fascination of mine) 9. black d'orsay flats 10. tote

And the best thing… shopping online allows you to skip that terribly loud music in store (am I alone?!? I can hardly think straight with music at that volume! Or am I showing my age!?!?).

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