Wednesday, June 25, 2014

personal style: find yours! (a new series and announcement!)

Years and years and years ago I did a series on finding your personal style that was unfortunately short lived.  A lot of my readers at the time really enjoyed the series and found it very helpful in defining their personal style.

I find that my own personal style covers a few different genres of style - and I am sure you may find the same thing - the combination of different defined styles is what makes your own style so unique.  Today I am kicking off a new series to help you nail down what your personal style is or what styles you are naturally drawn to, this should help make getting dressed each day and shopping for clothes much much easier now and over the long term.

While there are infinite types of styles, here I zoned in on five of the styles that are most popular this season from my point of view.  With this blog I try to focus on the styles and trends that I feel most comfortable with so that I can really hone in on what I know and do best.

So read on for lots of inspiration and an exciting announcement below…

Boho is carefree and relaxed, often overtly feminine and plays off of lots of unique details to make this look successful.  Details like lace, floral and fringe can be added with closet basics like white tees and denim shorts to pull off this look. 

Laid back and relaxed pieces define casual style.  Sweatshirts, relaxed cuts of denim and simplicity make this look work.  To make this look successful make sure pieces are well fitting and add in a refined piece like a watch or jacket to still look relaxed and pulled together.

Beautiful pieces that stand the test of time make for classic style.  Leopard, denim, oxfords and accessory staples like flats and simple jewelry create a classic wardrobe. Simplicity and beauty is key.

Modern style takes the classics and adds a little trend to them to make them pop.  So revisions on the classics with a trendy feel will pull off the modern style.  Think classic black dresses in new silhouettes or trendy accessories like the hottest shoes and purses paired with gorgeous basics. 

Preppy style is similar to classic style in that the pieces and looks are timeless, but preppy tends towards a more collegiate or nautical style alongside the classics.  Think stripes, East Coast flair, layers, plaids, reds/blues/whites/pinks and a monogram or two.

In addition to launching this awesome new series here on the blog (look for it about once a month on the blog!) I am bringing back my much loved and requested wardrobe consultation services as well!  These consults will now be centered around finding and shopping for your personal style (or combos of styles).  For all the details and pricing information… click here!

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