Friday, June 13, 2014

how to style a striped blazer three ways!

A lot of readers - myself included! - ohh'd and ahh'd over this striped blazer from Monday's post.  It's laid back feel is perfect for wearing all summer long as an extra layer for style or warmth as needed.

I've always said that if you when it comes time to add new pieces to your wardrobe you should always try to picture it in three outfits first before buying.  Here I styled this striped blazer into three great looks for whatever summer brings your way!  It works great on a casual friday at the office, with white shorts and a tee for weekends or over top of a simple sun dress for a casual wedding, Sunday church or a summer party of any sort!

This blazer is definitely versatile enough for anyone's wardrobe… which look do you most likely see yourself wearing?

business casual look: trousers, tee, blazer, necklace, shoes, bag

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Wishes and Reality said...

I love all the pieces in your "party ready" collection! Super cute.



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