Friday, May 2, 2014

elements of style v.13!

Hey hey hey it's Friday peeps!  These past couple of weeks have been nuts. What's up with that? I am so so thankful the weekend is here.  I bet I am not alone!  I hope you have a fabulous weekend in the works.

If you are new around here I like to do these little "elements of style" posts on Fridays from time to time… I personally have three simple elements (or tricks!) to a simple but beautiful outfit. I call them them my 'elements of style'. They are something casual, something neutral and something dressy. These three elements combined are my fail-safe for outfits that are easy to put together and that look and feel feminine and relaxed.

This spring I am loving a boho vibe/flower child type of look.  This is usually not my style, but there is something so carefree about spring that you can't help but love and crave this time of year.  What do you think? Are you a boho gal? Flower child?  Here I took the boho look and still made it feel refined and classic.

jeans (my fav pair of wide leg pants!), tank, wedges, necklace, iPhone case, clutch

Have a great weekend ladies! If you like these posts and want to see more… here are the archives of this series!  Also, stay tuned on Monday for my Mother's Day picks! I think you will really like them!

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