Thursday, May 8, 2014

3 ways to style sneakers this spring & summer!

Classic sneakers are one of the hottest trends this season… and not only are they adorable, but they are also really practical and comfortable as well.  A few of my girlfriends were asking for advice on how to style them… these are my tips and tricks for styling sneakers this spring & summer.
  • When choosing a pair of sneakers that you plan to wear as everyday shoes go for a style that is less running shoe or gym shoe.  Think classic, retro, monochromatic colors or refined when choosing a sneaker.  The three below are a safe bet and some of my favorite of the offerings this season.
  • Let the sneakers add a little edge to your look. A summer dress with a pair of crisp white sneakers is a fun surprise and when paired with a denim jacket it's the perfect balance of casual and pulled together.
  • To balance the casual feel of sneakers make sure to amp up your look with a little bling like a necklace, bracelet or handbag. 
  • Resist the urge to use this trend as a "fresh from the gym" look.  Sweaty and unkempt is never stylish. Wear your sneakers intentionally to avoid looking sloppy.
  • Lastly, ENJOY this trend - it's a super fun way to stay fresh and modern looking while letting your feet have a little rest from heels or sandals!
Below are three of my favorite sneaker styles this spring & summer… I would say that you could easily mix and match any of these three outfits with the three sneakers.  Have some fun with this trend for sure!

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