Wednesday, May 7, 2014

12 spring/summer wardrobe essentials!

Style for spring and summer is so alluring to me because of it's simplicity.  Really a few basics with a few key trendy pieces thrown in are all your closet needs for warmer temps.  Here I pulled together what I know will be the building blocks of my spring & summer wardrobe (mostly variations of pieces I already own).  These pieces mix and match easily, can be dressed up or down and are easy to wash and wear.

1. white jeans - White jeans go with everything and look super sharp.

2. striped tanks (or tees) - Stripes are where it's at for warmer temps, always.

3. lightweight summer scarf - This scarf is perfect for cool evenings/mornings, throw on with a tee and a denim jacket.

4. classic summer sunnies - A good pair of sunglasses will keep your eyes safe and stylish all season.

5. classic sneakers - You can dress up a fun pair of sneakers with a dress or simply wear them to death with shorts and tees.

6. simple skirt - A simple skirt can be worn for the inevitable summer events (think: showers, parties) or just casually worn over your swimsuit to the beach.

7. striped dress - My striped dress collection is growing - but only because I find they are continually a favorite of mine to wear all summer.

8. denim shorts - I just love a great pair of classic denim shorts. Again you can dress these up with nice sandals and a tank for a night out or just pair with sneakers for casual weekend wear.

9. graphic tees - Graphic tees are a fun and cheeky addition to any closet as the temperatures warm. 

10. metallic sandals - These gorgeous metallic sandals show off your perfect tan and you can always use a new pair of sandals this time of year.

11. carry all tote - Have a tote at the ready to load up with books, snacks, mags and sunscreen and head to the pool, park or beach!

12. sun hat - I'm a sun hat addict. I can hardly sit at the pool or beach (or anywhere I am in intense sun) without some shade on my face - plus it's a total face saver!

Stay tuned tomorrow… I'm styling up those summer sneakers that we all love into some fun outfits!

see you around...

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