Wednesday, April 30, 2014

the damage: april 2014!

At the end of each month this year I am planning to pause to take a look at my spending as it's related to my closet. I call these posts "the damage." Each month my target budget is $300 and only 5 pieces of clothing or shoes. I chose 5 items because I am working on making my closet a more curated place without a lot of hubris and also to try to put an end to the constant closet clean outs where loads of clothes get sent to charity. Not that there is anything wrong with giving clothes to charity, it's just that I hope to make my clothes last longer in general. For some this budget may sound like a lot and for others it may not... for me personally this is my monthly goal. It works for my budget and lifestyle and doesn't break the bank. Shopping budgets are a personal thing, but I share mine here to show how I stretch my budget and work to create a well curated and fully stocked closet.

This month I just bombed on the budget and on the pieces… but hey, you only live once.  Sometimes you just indulge in the chocolate cake and as it relates to shopping this month… I totally did.  On a completely different note I recently had someone comment (here? on Facebook? Twitter? I can't remember where) asking if this was real. If I really only spent $300 and if I really only bought (or try to) 5 pieces? Um, yes!?!? Of course it's real. I don't make this @#*! up!  So if you ever wondered… your answer is yes.  And that is what makes posts like today especially hard to write because I went overboard and now I have to fess up.  (even though it's my money and my closet I feel accountable to you and myself)

 (from the top down)
*h&m, navy swing sweater, $19.95
old navy, black skirt, $24.94 marked down was $17.46
j.crew, chambray tunic, $98 marked down was $48.99
*madewell, striped side zip sweater, $89.50 with 20% off was $71.60
madewell, black pin tucked tank, $78 with 20% off was $62.40
j.crew, zip shoulder sweater, $79.50 marked down was $41.99
madewell, linen embroidered tank, $68 with 20% off was $54.40
h&m, scarf, $12.95
*madewell, cropped jeans, $115.00 with 20% off was $92
kate spade outlet, tote (this one is similar looking to the one I purchased) $248 marked down was $90
madewell, black purse, $198 with 20% was $158.40
j.crew, black sandals, $178 marked down was $90.99
sole society, brown sandals, $64.95 used store credit was $0

total spent: $710.08 (saved $346.66)

Some thoughts on the budget:  After about 5 months of being right on budget or just below budget, as I said earlier, I just blew the budget out of the water. Purses and shoes were the major culprit, but let me not mince words - I just spent A LOT on clothing.  I have zero buyers remorse (which is something I rarely suffer from anyway) and to make up for it I will likely scale back considerably for May and maybe even June.  This month was an outlier and also I splurged a bit with the upcoming Mother's Day (yes, I buy a little extra for myself!).

Some thoughts on the pieces: Madewell offered us 20% off at the recent event that I co-hosted with them and since that brand doesn't do many discounts AND I found tons of stuff I liked, I really splurged (again, it's almost Mother's Day! wink, wink!).  Same with J.Crew… I found three pieces that I had been eyeing for a while on sale plus 30% off (or maybe 40%, I can't remember) and I pulled the trigger.  Those black sandals I have literally wanted for like 3 years - no exaggeration! Notice above that there are 4 pieces that have *'s next to them… those pieces represent "replacements" for items in my wardrobe that needed replacing or were replaced.  As in, for each of those items purchased a similar item from my closet was retired/sent to Goodwill because it was worn out/stretched out/not wearable anymore.  This is to keep my closet from overflowing which was the point of restricting myself to 5 pieces a month in the first place. 

Please let me know if you have any questions about certain pieces or whatever.  And hopefully even though I busted the budget we can still be friends… can we!?!?  Also, let me know if you feature your budget on your own blog… I would love to check it out!

On another note… can you believe it's May tomorrow? Crazy!


pretty little things said...

I got the same j.crew sandals! I can't wait til the weather is finally nice around me so I can wear them! xo

Katie G said...

Hey Jill! Definitely don't beat yourself up about it! I cheat this month, because I got married and needed some items for the honeymoon and was just stress shopping at some points, so it happens! My budget is at if you want to check it out!

I seriously love everything you got, and sometimes, you just have to "Treat yo' self" as Parks and Rec says!

Katie @ Style On Target


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