Friday, April 4, 2014

a new smoothie recipe!

You gals loved the last couple of smoothie recipes and were begging (okay, maybe just politely asking) for more!  I have been in a smoothie rut and not feeling too adventurous in the kitchen.  I wanted to bring you a new smoothie recipe that was out of this world and super amazing, one that would change your smoothie-loving life.  But it just wasn't happening.

Then one day I was making my classic strawberry and banana smoothie for the kids and thought… hey, I could just share this one! It's nothing fancy… but it's good! And while my kids won't go for the greens (I simply omit them) this is a smoothie our whole family loves so I usually make a double batch. If your kids don't like greens (like mine, if only greens were clear!) simply make the whole smoothie without them and pour theirs out of the blender and then add some greens and blend a little more to make your own green smoothie.

The orange juice (valencia oj is the only way to go!) adds the sweetness that the kids love while the whole smoothie gives them a solid serving or two of fruits and plenty of vitamin c for cold and flu season.  And the chia seeds are called "strawberry seeds" in our family. No way would my kids drink this smoothie if there was something "healthy" in them… so that little white lie goes a long way!

I hope your family loves this smoothie as much as mine… or if you are new to smoothies, this is a great first one to try!

If you are in the market for a blender… I can't recommend The Breville more! It's comparable to a Vitamix but at a way lower price point.  It's goes straight in the dishwasher without having to take any pieces apart - which is a huge bonus in my book.  We LOVE this blender and it gets used daily (if not more) around our house!

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