Monday, March 3, 2014

spring trends 2014: pastels!

Today marks the kick off of spring here on the blog! I can't resist it any longer and since I am prepping my wardrobe for spring (and spring break) I am hoping you are doing the same and we can work on our spring wardrobes together. Each spring I break down the best of the trends I love for the season and lay it all out right here on the blog for you.  Over the coming weeks you'll get a peek at the trends I am loving for spring and tons of tips on how to style those trends as well.

Look no further… I've got your spring style covered for you!  Your spring shopping will now be infinitely easier, promise.

Pastels for spring are a total no-brainer. Why invent the wheel when you can reach for the tried and true (and pretty!) pastel styles that are popping up in all your favorite stores.  Pale pink, lavender, mint, baby blue, peach and more are all topping my list for some of the best spring buys out there.  Pastels pair effortless with navy so make that a combo you go back to time and time again.  And if you are looking for more easy ways to style pastels for spring or this is a new element to your wardrobe that you haven't tried before then pair it with your basics like a denim/chambray top or stripes.  For a business casual look trying pairing pastels with black for a graphic and spring-ready look.  This spring pastels will feel instantly at home in your closet and you will love the fresh feel they offer to any outfit.

get the look above: jeans, sweater, earrings, shoes, bag

see you around...

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