Friday, February 14, 2014

the (almighty) weekender!

One of the items on my 2014 wish list is a fabulous weekender bag.  Just big enough for quick weekend trips or perfect as a carry on bag when traveling with my kids.  With spring (and spring break) right around the corner I am amping up my search and thought I would share a few of the favorites that I have found around the internet right here with you ladies.

To me, the perfect weekender is big but not too big, compact but not too small and definitely has a zipper top.  What I am looking for is quite specific and then not specific at all.  Which may be making my search quite challenging.  The bags below seem to fit the bill… Do you ladies have a current weekender bag that you love (share if you do please!)?

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see you around...

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Kristina said...

I have #6 and love it, it looks really expensive for being pretty cheap. I always get complimented on it. Not sure how well it would work for kids stuff though, there's just one pocket inside.

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