Thursday, February 27, 2014

New arrivals at J.Crew Factory (plus, they are an extra 30% off!)

J.Crew Factory has quickly become one of my favorite places to shop lately… both for me and for my kids (and even my husband!).  A lot of people ask how the quality is and how it differs from the regular J.Crew so I'll do a little review of J.Crew Factory for you right now.  It is NOT the same quality of J.Crew… but with that being said, a lot of the items are super high quality.

The shoes and handbags are almost always leather or suede (definitely a good thing!), the J.Crew Factory wool coat I have is the same blend of wool that the regular J.Crew stores offer and a lot of the tops are really great fabrics that feel good when you wear them and wear well over the months and hopefully years that you will own them.

Items that I try to stay away from are thin knit sweaters like cardigans and thin merino sweaters, in my experience the quality isn't there (both for kids and adults). But thicker sweaters in wool, cotton or blends in my experience have great quality (especially for men and boys where I have had a lot of luck). In addition I usually stick to tops, dresses, skirts and accessories. I do not have a lot of luck with pants or shorts fitting at J.Crew or J.Crew Factory - but that is just me!

Your experience with J.Crew Factory will also depend on how you feel about clothing in general.  Some people may really love J.Crew Factory (like I happen to) and others may not. That is really true for any store.  If you have any other specific questions feel free to ask in the comments.  I really love most of their kids offerings too and would be happy to answer questions about that more if you have them!

What I love most about J.Crew Factory is that you get the feel and the style of J.Crew in more approachable styles and prices.  Hands down that is true. Plus, it just offers another affordable brand outside of the Gap, J.Crew, Loft, Old Navy and other "mall" brands for more selection.

But enough about that!  They are having 30% off right now with tons of new arrivals and I am in love! Here are some of my top picks…  take advantage of these great prices why don't you!?!?

Top: green & navy striped top (love!), gingham top, fatigue jacket, trench coat (curious how this fits, anyone have one!?!), striped graphic tee, baseball top

see you around...

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