Friday, January 3, 2014

Wintery beauty! The one two punch!

I don't know about you, but my skin is feeling the effects of winter big time.  To combat the drying effects of the cold air outside and the ultra dry air indoors I have a few 'one two punch' tricks I use...

1. My hands are always so so dry! (why me!?!?) My trick is to swipe on a little cuticle oil on each nail bed then slather hand cream over all of my hands and rub the two together. It feels like I just came from the nail salon and it lasts for a nice long time!  Dry hands and nail beds be banished!

2. My skin takes a serious hit this time of year... it starts to feel dull and lifeless from the dry air.  I recently discovered this magical combo: the spin brush + Checks and Balances face soap. It's a minty foamy delight that leaves my skin baby soft!

3. The minute I get out of the shower I am slathering on lotion this time of year.  My skin needs an extra boost of moisture this time of year so I fill my hand with lotion, add a few drops of body oil and suddenly I have all the protection and comfort my skin needs in the winter!  It's so indulgent and easy!

What tips or tricks do you have this time of year to keep your skin fresh and dewey looking?

see you around...

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