Thursday, December 19, 2013

winter uniform.

It's easy to fall into the groove of winter dressing - I just layer, layer some more and then add one layer and usually I am set for the day.  My winter uniform consists of a sweater, a scarf, jeans and boots (and usually some type of layering piece under my sweater too!).  But just because my winter uniform (and maybe yours too) has become quite formulaic, it doesn't mean it needs to be boring.

Switching up sweaters, boots and scarves in endless combinations becomes my specialty this time of year. I'll admit that I also have a few favorite combinations that I fall back on from time and again, but I do find winter dressing an adventure of mixing and matching - so it's fun to try something new to keep your wardrobe feeling fresh.  Some of my favorites lately are pairing plaid with black - I love the way it makes the colors in the plaid pop, adding red to any outfit - it's instantly bright and festive, and pairing faux fur with stripes.

Enjoy having some fun with extra layers this winter... I hope this some inspiration for you!

sweaters: grey, striped, white

boots: black, ankle, red

see you around...

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