Tuesday, December 10, 2013

sweater weather!

I don't know about you but I have been spending my days bundled up and my evenings cozied up on the sofa... that is a sure sign that winter is here to stay.  And while I will say that after living in either Chicago or Grand Rapids, Michigan my whole life... I have realized that I am no longer a fan of winter so much.  The cold and clouds just get to me... it's hard to explain and my husband thinks I am nuts, but this time of year I constantly daydream of places to move to that are warmer - it's a crazy obsession that I probably need to quit!  Because let me tell you, moving just isn't happening.  So I need to just deal.

The bright spot in these long winters? Cozy sweaters of course!  This time of year I ask myself one question and one question only when I stare into my closet wondering what to wear... "What SWEATER will I wear today?" Not what shoes, or what purse or even what jeans. The tops in my closet get banished and sweaters reign supreme.  My entire wardrobe revolves around them this time of year.  How could they not?   Here are some super fun and warm looking pieces I'm loving lately!

top row, from left: pink fair isle, grey cardigan, burgundy 
2nd row, from left: cream fair isle, striped, llama
bottom row, from left: black/white fair isle, camel cardigan, fur front (kinda crazy/cool, no?)

Isn't there so much amazing sweater inspiration this season? I love it!

see you around...

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