Tuesday, December 10, 2013

casa good life: house tour the kitchen!

Concluding the house tour of the main floor of our home is our kitchen... I posted pictures of the kitchen a while back when we first completed major renovations on it (like ripping out the old kitchen and starting fresh), so today's photos aren't anything too new (but if you want to see really gross before pictures... then go ahead! (; ).

We did change the paint color (I really wanted an all white main floor, the color is Dove White by Benjamin Moore) and I love the subtle change it made to the room. It took the kitchen from being a little on the masculine side with the dark cabinets to a more bright and neutral space. Beyond the paint color we added the peninsula (I actually call it an "island" but it's not...).  This was a TOTAL last minute decision and was actually one of the renovations that we made that was the smartest so far in this whole house.  It was a total lightbulb moment for my husband and I and now we can't imagine our house without it.  It serves as a breakfast bar for the kids, almost doubles our cabinet storage (I know! Small kitchen problems!) and drastically improves the overall flow of the main floor.

Let's get to the pictures!  In the picture below you can see it in the foreground there with two stools.  This area used to be a very small eating area (seen in this post).  We simply picked up a few new IKEA cabinets to match the ones we already had (which was a complete fiasco, but ended well! whew!), had an electrician move the light fixture to center above the work surface nicely and called the granite company for more granite (which they thankfully had a remnant of hanging around).  It really was quite simple, but there were a few snafu's along the way. So it goes with home renovations!

I took some wifely liberties with the "for like ever" print in the kitchen. But I love it... and I think my husband either ignores it or it's growing on him.  For the most part he and I completely agree on style and design, but sometimes he does say he feels like he just has to trust me, this was one of those moments! I felt like the house was getting a little serious with all the wood and white and black that I wanted something a little whimsical for this wall.  I think this print fits the bill perfectly!

The open shelving is one of the first renovations we made to the kitchen... and it still is one of my favorite features. The glasses rotate with my moods... glassware is one of my favorite things.  People ask if these are really the glasses we use or if they are just for show - um, in a kitchen this small, nothing is for show! We use these glasses everyday (I have pretty much banished any type of plastic cup in my house, even for my kids) and yes they break sometimes (usually by me more than the kids) and then I just keep a few spare in the basement or buy more (usually the cheap stuff from Target).

I have this thing with art that I don't know what I really like so I am wary to invest in it. Instead I often work to find DIY options like below (or like the feathers in my dining room).  One of these is just clip art I printed out and one was me testing paint colors with watercolors.  Someday I may just purchase some amazing art for my kitchen, until then... these will do in my opinion!

Below you can see a shot of how the kitchen sits in relation to the rest of the house and how it flows with the dining/living room area.  It's one big room and we spend all our time here as a family. It's cozy and small (our main floor clocks in at a cool 700 square feet - small for a family of four these days in the 'burbs) but really feels like home these days. (and yes, the peninsula still needs trim - as does the whole main floor... it's all still a work in progress!).

So that's it! My office, the living room & dining room and now the kitchen and that is pretty much our whole main floor (we also have a little powder room that has gotten a face lift in the process, but that is a hard room to photograph)! I hope you enjoyed the tour! 

see you around...

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