Wednesday, December 4, 2013

10 winter essentials!

With cold snap after cold snap here in the midwest it's time to make a list and check it twice... and not your holiday shopping list! It's time to make sure you have all the winter essentials on hand as we go into this busy holiday season and the long winter that follows it...  so I thought I would make a little cheat sheet for you.

Here I compiled a quick list of ten must haves this season... it's time for layering and sweaters and everything cozy and chic!  Plus, check the links below for the pieces shown AND corresponding budget buys if you are looking to add these items to your closet but want to save while doing it! Now tell me, do you have what you will be needing this season to stay warm and stylish?

1. A faux fur scarf (shown or budget buy) adds style and warmth to any look... and it's perfect for dressing up a standard sweater this season!

2. Layering pieces like chambray (shown or budget buy) are an absolute must this time of year! Layer this under a sweater or sweatshirt or put this top over a long sleeve tee.

3. A pretty (and warm!) coat (shown or budget buy) or three will be the perfect finishing touch to any winter look. I personally love a camel colored coat - it adds instant sophistication to any look and is timeless.

4. It goes without saying that jeans are a winter staple, skinny jeans (shown or budget buy) especially for tucking into your boots.  Take a quick inventory and make sure you have a few great pairs on hand for the season!

5. Sweaters, sweaters and more sweaters!  Bundle up with gorgeous sweaters this season to stay cozy and stylish. I am on the hunt for a burgundy sweater (shown or budget buy) like this one, isn't it gorgeous?

6. A little - or a lot - of bling goes a long way to adding sparkle and jazz to any look this time of year. I love a good necklace (shown or budget buy) or earring (shown or budget buy) to do just that job!

7. Plaid (shown or budget buy) is in for a few months so take advantage of it!  I like to go a little overboard with plaid this time of year... but heck, it's the season to, right?

8. Knee high boots (shown or budget buy) are an absolute necessity this time of year. They can be an investment (read: drain on the wallet) but they are totally worth it to keep you warm all season. Plus when you invest in these babies you can pull them out again in seasons to come.

9. Black pants (shown or budget buy) are my go-to lately when dressing up a look - these velvet babies are swweeeet!  I love the instant classic appeal they give any look and they are especially fun to wear with sweaters.

10. For simple and casual looks a simple pair of ankle boots (shown or budget buy) keep you warm and let your calves breath a bit. Switch between ankle and tall boots all season - that's what I do!

see you around...

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