Thursday, October 24, 2013

what to pack: fall weekend in Chicago!

This post is another recent reader question... a reader wanted to know what to pack for a fall weekend in Chicago.  The temps are definitely falling in Chicago lately with averages in the low 50s and 40s during the day and down in the 30s at night - brrrr!  Plus, the Windy City is called that for a few reasons and one is the closer you are to the lake in downtown Chicago the cooler it can be for sure.

I recommend lots of comfortable layers - depending on what activities you are planning on you will want to shed and pile the layers at will.  Going in and out of stores for shopping will require a warm coat and dining out will require a warm coat from the door to the cab - but once you are inside you may want to shed a layer or two!

As always, I like to choose a few colors to base each packing list around so that everything will mix and match easily.  Here I chose grey as the base color and the burgundy coat and pink as nice accents. I think all of these pieces flow so well together for casual and pulled together looks.

see you around...

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