Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Uniform Dressing...

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Is there one type of outfit you tend to be drawn to over and over again? I absolutely have a few formulas that I use repeatedly and I refer to them as my "uniforms".  You can have one or more than one signature look and they are very handy to have around when you are short on time or creativity in the morning.

Here I pulled together a few of my favorite "uniforms" to share with you today... who knows, one of these may be your next signature style or maybe it already is!

Do you have certain "uniforms" you depend on time and time again?

Chambray + jeans can be dressed up or down or choose a layer for over top!

A simple blazer and a striped top is a no-fail look that I love to wear for a fun and casual look!
above: jeans, top, blazer, bag, shoes

Leggings and an oversized sweater is the perfect casual and weekend look for fall and winter... swap out the boots for heels for a dressier look!

see you around...

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