Monday, October 28, 2013

quick change!

As a woman and a mom I feel like there are so many hats that I wear throughout the weeks and months.  And even some days seem to demand that I practically change my persona on call.  For instance, volunteering at school turns into lunch with a friend turns into a parents vs. kids for an end of year soccer  bash (I kid you not on that one... it was brutal!).  Or church on Sunday morning turns into watching my son play a wet soccer game that afternoon.

Sometimes you can find one perfect look that goes for all the activities your day holds.  BUT these types of days that turn on a dime often need a "quick change" throughout the day as well.  Keep a few of your outfit pieces on and swap a few out.  You know what I mean?

Here I offer up day to night, business to fun, serious to not serious, running around to lounging and the like... every outfit needs to be able to stand up to a quick change out. Don't you think?

see you around...

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