Friday, October 18, 2013

basic fall layering!

Last night while checking the weather I realized that we are going into a serious cold and rainy period here in the Midwest. Forget November rain... October has it in the bag this year. And since my clothing choices are directly affected by the weather I realized that you-know-what just got serious.  There is no going back on warmer temps - so grab a coat ladies!

It's time to layer up!

I always think there are a few ways to go when you want to layer up... the first is to choose a comfy coat for venturing outdoors and layer it up over whatever you are wearing.  This is a perfect option for a lighter top or a light weight sweater.  Other days I go for the full-on warm layers right out of the gate. Super warm sweaters and scarves are piled on me all day indoors and out.

Then don't forget some add ons... you can wear a chambray shirt under just about any sweater all fall (and I do!).  Make sure you don't get lost in your layers by including a pretty piece of jewelry in the mix.  And lastly, if you absolutely have to... throw a hat or gloves in your purse to have on hand. I know this weekend I will be watching soccer games in the freezing rain, so I will likely have both on hand!

How do you like to layer up? Can you believe it's already layering season? Hard to believe!
(above: coat, scarf, b/w sweater - doesn't this look so snuggly?, white sweater, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, tall boots, shorts boots)

p.s. I'm cleaning out my closet and have a few things listed on Poshmark - check it out here!  I will add more items soon as there is a huge pile of clothes on the floor in my closet that need to go! 

see you around...

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