Wednesday, August 7, 2013

style icon: Olivia Palermo!

Let's talk about style icons for a minute.  Do YOU have one? More than one? It's hard for me to say that I definitively have a style icon... but I will say that my style Pinterest board is full of amazing ladies looking good and doing their thing (follow me there if you don't already!).  And more than any other single person, pictures of Olivia Palermo looking fabulous seem to pop up there.

It's worth digging into Olivia Palermo's style a bit for inspiration because what she does with personal style is spot on every time.  And the most inspiring thing about her style is how approachable it is. Sure she may be rocking some high priced designer duds, but in the end she is styling up her basics, sometimes with a statement piece, in a very sophisticated and beautiful way.

Here I pulled together just a few of my favorite of her looks and deconstructed them to show us all how easy it is to dress like Olivia Palermo.  All the pieces I featured here are under $100 and ultra classic - it's really so easy!

see you around...

1 comment:

Sara F. said...

I love Olivia Palermo! Thanks for giving some style tips! Now if I could just figure out how to be 15 years younger and 10 pounds lighter! ;-)


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