Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Drugstore Beauty Buys!

As fall approaches and our schedules get busier and busier it's time to hit a refresh on our beauty regimens and make sure we are ready to dive in head first to fall!  These are a few of my recent drugstore beauty finds that I am really enjoying lately.  I thought I would share them here, because when you try something you love, it's hard to keep quiet about it!

1. I've long sung praises for Essie nail colors and now they are a mainstay at most drugstores instead of only being found at Ulta or nail salons.  My local Walgreens has a really great selection for instance.  The new fall colors look fierce. Can't wait to try them!
2. & 3.  Revlon Just Bitten Lip Balm Stain... I love these little lip stains and I usually add a little bit of gloss on top of them.  These two colors are my current favorites: Lovesick & Adore. I am wearing Lovesick in this Insta shot.
4. Right after contemplating the Clarisonic, my mom bought this Olay version for me for my birthday! I use it with my favorite face cleanser and my skin feels amazing after!  It's such a great price and little work horse!  Especially since my "summer skin" is in full force.
5. & 6. My hair has been so dull and flat lately... one because I desperately need fresh color (I've got my appt. booked!) but also because of all the time my sun has spent in the sun and ponytails all summer. It's super frazzled.  I never seem to be able to find a shampoo and conditioner I love - but this stuff is awesome - Ever Creme Shampoo & Conditioner, I can feel that it is softer right after the shower.  And even after I blow dry.
7. Speaking of soft hair... this oil does the job too.  I spray it on wet and it softens my hair before I heat style it.  I love how supple this makes my hair!
8. I'm back on a "I want long hair" kick again (after getting regular and healthy trims) so I'm back to using this spray to protect against split ends!
9. These wipes are awesome for summer (even though it's coming to an end - so sad!). They are awesome for quick cleaning up my face at the pool or beach before applying more sunscreen (which seems to make my face feel gross!).  I will keep using these this fall for post-work out cleansing or when I am feeling too lazy to really wash my face. (what, you don't ever have that!?!?)

What are some drugstore beauty buys you are loving these days? I would love to hear!

see you around...

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