Monday, July 1, 2013

my everyday style: all american!

What easier way is there to dress in the summer than grabbing some red, white and blue and calling it good? It's the perfect time of year and naturally my closet gravitates towards basic colors like these in the summer anyway, so it's easy to pull together.

It's mind blowing to believe that Thursday is already Independence Day.  I always think of it as the un-official "middle" of the summer (even though it's a little earlier than the exact middle).  But July always seems to fly so it almost doesn't even count as a full month in my book.  I feel like July 4 is like saying, "oh, hello August".  I have a weird way with calendars and math, it seems.

July is my birthday month (what, you don't celebrate yours for a full month?) and my daughters too, so there are big things in store for this month.  Yep, that's right, August, I see you.

Take a day or two this week to pull out the classic red, white and blue - you'll be glad you did!

Sunglasses, Ray Ban
Top, Gap (similar)
Clutch, Gap - on sale!
Shorts, Old Navy (c/o)
Necklace, Stella & Dot (c/o)
Sandals, Nine West - on sale!

p.s. remember how at the end of May I said I was going to try to avoid shopping for the month of June?! Boo yeah! I totally did it!!! So I am happy to report that there will be no "June... the damage" post this month!  It seems like I just wrote that post yesterday, so in all honesty it wasn't a hard challenge.  You know that thing I was mentioning about quick summer months? Yeah, that's what happened. 
(one caveat: I did buy this hat, but it was for sun protection and it was only $10, so I am not counting it)

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