Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Maternity style tips by trimester!

A reader recently posed the question on Facebook to cover a few maternity style tips here on the blog! So I thought I would lay out my simple maternity tips by trimester... every ladies' style is different and every pregnancy is different, but these are some general style tips for each trimester of your pregnancy.

1st trimester

get the look above: leggings, tunic, denim jacket, sandals, bracelet

styling tips:
  • stretchy pieces and layers are key, especially if you are waiting a few months to announce your pregnancy.
  • reach for the items in your closet that were perhaps a touch too big for your before you were pregnant - this is the time to take advantage of the extra room.
  • leggings, tunics, maxi skirts and flowing tops are ideal.
  • layering a simple blazer or denim jacket with the buttons left open can really mask a growing tummy area - you would be surprised!
  • lastly, grab a few of your boldest accessories to draw the eyes away from your mid section.  Earrings, bracelets and necklaces do a great job at this!
  • use the rubber band on the jeans trick... this one seriously works so great!

2nd trimester

get the look above: necklace, jeans, top, flats, nail polish

styling tips:
  • this is the time to move to maternity clothes, especially bottoms. I loved the Gap maternity jeans with the low band... these are great post-partum as well. (not that you want to hear it now, but you will likely need to wear maternity clothes for a few weeks after you give birth as well).
  • tops you may still be able to avoid maternity (where selection is slim) by sizing up on pieces that have generous or flowing cuts.
  • sensible shoes are a must - but they can still be cute!, no use putting yourself through the misery of heels when you are trying to carry and balance more weight than you usually carry.
  • your nails will likely be growing like crazy these days from all the hormones and vitamins.  Treat yourself to regular manis and pedis... you deserve it!
3rd trimester

get the look above: dress, scarf, cardigan, sandals, earrings

styling tips:
  • the end is near... but you still have some growing to do!  Maxi dresses, maxi skirts, leggings and maternity pieces are absolute musts at this stage in your pregnancy!
  • black is slimming and that is the golden rule of maternity fashion! It is also versatile as well.
  • dress up basic black pieces with fun scarves, layers like cardigans and jackets (left unbuttoned) and fun jewelry pieces like necklaces and earrings.  
  • have fun with accessories as you will likely will begin to bore of your very slim wardrobe choices.  Accessories fit any size!

see you around...

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