Monday, July 8, 2013

beat the heat: outfits for looking and staying cool this summer!

The heat and the humidity has descended upon the mid-west and while I won't even dare complain about it (especially with the terrible winter we had!)... I will gladly offer solution for beating the heat and staying cool and comfortable this summer.

We keep our A/C cranking in our house all summer (my husband's preference) but when I am out running errands, hanging with the kids or just headed to the pool for the day the least amount of clothes... the better! Am I right? And since none of us can feasibly leave the house in our swim suits (nor do we really want to) we want to stay as cool and stylish as possible all summer despite the heat.

Here are three great beat-the-heat outfits to keep you cool and comfortable while still looking your best.

Headed to the office in sweltering heat? Fear not... a simple light-weight skirt and a flowy silk top will be cool and comfortable inside the board room and on a quick jaunt to grab lunch. Nice sandals and a fresh pedicure will keep the look summer-time-office-appropriate (or if not, keep your feet under your desk for the day - wink, wink!).

Headed out for errands or off on activities with the kids?  A light and airy chambray top and white shorts will deflect the sunlight and keep you fresh as a flower (hopefully!) all day.  Earrings are the perfect accessory since they don't touch any skin... and flip flops touch the least amount of your foot while still letting you chase the kids.

When you would rather wear no clothes at all (admit it, we've all had the thought!) a tank dress is the way to go. A raffia hat will keep the sun out of your face while keeping your head.  Add a cross body bag to stay hands free all day!
(above: dress, bracelet, hat, shoes, bag)

see you around...

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