Friday, July 26, 2013

elements of style v.5!

I personally have three simple elements (or tricks!) to a simple but beautiful outfit. I call them them my 'elements of style'. They are something casual, something neutral and something dressy. These three elements combined are my fail-safe for outfits that are easy to put together and that look and feel feminine and relaxed.

Stripes to me are an absolute staple... I probably wear them and style them here on the blog more than I should, but a striped top is so absolutely versatile.  Here I paired it with a very fun neon skirt - this outfit is all the basics with one amazing pop of color mixed in.  It's the perfect way to have an outfit that stands out but that isn't over the top.

I hope you have a very stylish weekend!

get the look: top, skirt, earrings, purse, flats

see you around...

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